Monday, May 08, 2006

B-26 Cut-Away View

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Caption reads:
Often overshadowed by larger four-engine heavy bombers like the B-17 and the B-24, the B-26 Marauder was designed as a medium bomber to strike bridges, rail depots, and ships. Powered by two 18-cylander, 2,000-hp Pratt & Whitney engines, the B-26 typically had a crew of six and a maximum bomb load of 4,000 pounds. The combination of small wingspan and heavy weight made the marauder a tricky airplane to fly, but on opeational missions it had the lowest loss rate of all combat aircraft in Europe.

This cut-away view of the B-26 Marauder by John Batchelor appeared in the July 1994 issue of AIR & SPACE (Smithsonian) magazine supporting the article "Did He Say 500 Feet?" This scan comes from the back cover of "The Crusaders" a publication of the 386th Bomb Group Association.


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